Grand Marais Secondary Plan

Rural Municipality of St. Clements

2012 to 2013

Areas of Practice

Policy framework and cohesive implementation strategy that advances Grand Marais as a year-round destination community.

Destination Grand Marais Secondary Plan (approved in 2013) provides a policy framework and a cohesive implementation strategy to advance the community towards a common vision that establishes Grand Marais as a year-round destination community. Situated on Lake Winnipeg and surrounded by unique marshlands and beaches, Grand Marais offers its residents a high quality of life. Visitors traveling through the South Basin of Lake Winnipeg often make Grand Marais and Grand Beach their primary destination, taking the time to enjoy the local scenery, restaurants and world class beaches.

The plan includes policies to transform their main street from a car dominated environment to pedestrian first environment and urban design guidelines to help shape the built form of Grand Marais and to improve the overall quality, character and compatibility of new development. The urban design guidelines will ensure the visual character of the community reflects the goals and aspirations of residents and contribute towards making Grand Marais an attractive, recreation-focused environment for residents and visitors.