Riverdale West Neighbourhood Plan

Lombard North Group

2014 to 2017

Areas of Practice

Concept plan for a 560-acre mixed-use community in West St. Paul.

The Riverdale West Neighbourhood Plan presents a distinct vision to guide development of Riverdale West over the next 15-20 years, establishing neighbourhood design objectives, a phasing plan and a conceptual neighbourhood layout plan. The Plan is grounded in public consultation and gives life to the “Emerging Neighbourhood” policies of the Middlechurch Secondary Plan. A neighbourhood plan was deemed essential for Riverdale West due to the presence of existing residential and commercial land uses, fragmented ownership of vacant lands and substantial infrastructure requirements.

Working with 6 major land owners, Lombard North Group coordinated a public consultation and planning exercise to prepare a concept plan for a mixed-use development encompassing approximately 560 acres of land. The planning exercise included 3 public open houses and consultation with land owners, the Municipal Council, local residents and key stakeholders.

The Riverdale West Plan calls for a mixture of single-family and multi-family housing options to respond to the changing needs of existing and future residents of West St. Paul, commercial development, an integrated pathway network, and comprehensive parks and open spaces. Mindful integration of new development with existing properties is a central tenet of the Plan. Directions for servicing infrastructure and transportation upgrades, infill opportunities for existing rural residential properties and design review requirements for multifamily and commercial developments are also included.