Shaughnessy Park Fitness Trail

City of Winnipeg

2012 to 2014

Areas of Practice

Upgrades include a formal walking trail, fitness equipment nodes, and an exercise trail.

Shaughnessy Park is a large, local park located between Shaughnessy Park School and Billy Mosienko Arena. It is a highly utilized green space used by nearby residents that functions as a major informal walking route between homes along Chudley Street and the retail shops at Keewatin and Burrows. The park has recently received a new playground as well as splash pad which makes it a popular summertime hang out. Upgrades for this project include a formal walking trail that bisects the park, fitness equipment within nodes and an exercise trail surrounding the playground and splash pad.

The space is intended for the use of local residents to become more physically active. The trails form a loop that can be used for running or walking circuits. There is already commitment from community groups to use the equipment for “boot camp” fitness programs, and warm-up training for teams using the adjacent baseball and soccer fields. It is also free to be used informally by parents or supervisors of children due to the close proximity and sight lines to the playground and splash pad.